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About Me

About me

Hi, my name is Michi and I am the founder of Holding Space. I am a Swiss physiotherapist with a holistic approach. I have a great passion for people and their stories. Having had my own fair share of struggles and learnings I can relate to so many of my clients` situations. With this I meet every client where they are at. 

I see myself as a facilitator and It is very important for me that my clients understand that I dont "fix" anyone but we go on a journey and create a safe space together, where you feel seen and heard. You will build more trust, control and take responsibility to decide your own powerful change. Heal and shift towards the realms of high performance and new possibilities.


Giving you insights in to yourself will empower you to create balance between mind and body so you can find better ways to feel more and reconnect. I treat most kinds of aches and pains you might be experiencing both physically and emotionally. Many clients come and see me because they are dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, burnout fear and avoidance on top of the physical pain. Nothing is isolated but it all connects in some ways. 


«Holding Space means to me showing up for someone, being fully present and emotionally engaged with total honesty and without judgement.»

I go with my clients through their most difficult of times. I listen, resonate and discuss their pains and emotions. We make sense of what we find and create strategies to overcome and move on.

Would you like to know what other clients have experienced? Read my google reviews...

Hope to see you soon ;)  

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Session (50 min)                  95 Euro

Session (90 min)                 
120 Euro

Package deal

5 Sessions                           375 Euro

Package deal

10 Sessions                         700 Euro                           
Package deal Extended

3 Sessions                           335 Euro

Package deal Extended

5 Sessions                           525 Euro

Package deal Extended
10 Sessions                         990 Euro

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