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Holding Space


Mind and body approach to healing and performance

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About Me


I´m Michi, a physiotherapist with a holistic approach. I have a great passion for people and their story and thats why I meet every client where they are at. Mind and body should be in tune with each other in order to function, perform and start healing from inhibitions and dysfunctions. If the body or mind is defending we cannot perform and enjoy, but we just sort of hang in there and go through life with reduced feel and self-connection to perhaps not have to deal with whats really going on. I approach issues from all angles to search for the root cause of things rather than treating the symptoms. I see myself as a facilitator and ​my treatment sessions focus on connecting physical and mental balance as well as tackling challenges that can come with the lack of these balances such as pain, anxiety, depression, fear and avoidance. The most important thing for me is to create a safe space for my clients to heal, expand and to connect and own their traumas.


There is no one-size-fits-all solution for mental and physical health and neither can anyone do the work for you. I aim to give you the tools you need to be empowered, take action and control over your progress towards a better, happier and healthier you. My biggest drive when taking on clients is to prove them that no matter how long they had their "issue " or how hopeless they think it is, there is a difference we can make by matching their story to what is going on in their body. 




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