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About Me

About me

      About myself

I´m Michi, a Swiss physiotherapist with a holistic approach. I have a great passion for people and their stories and that´s why I meet every client where they are at. My biggest drive when taking on clients is to prove them that there is a difference we can make by matching their story to what is going on in their body. If you can understand your own traumas you can own them.


In order to guide you through a recovery process we need to reintroduce the body to strategies that have been inhibited and sometimes visualize a completely new list of priorities. When the mind-body connection is brought back online, defence and- compensation patterns are gradually reduced. Here healing begins and the shift towards the realms of high performance and new possibilities. I approach issues from different angles and I like to think outside of the box to search for much deeper layered root causes rather than treating problems superficially.


Having had my own fair share of struggles and learnings I can relate to so many of my clients` stories. I see myself as a facilitator. Bringing balance to mind and body allows better ways to treat pain, anxiety, depression, fear and avoidance. The most important thing for me is to create a safe space for whoever I work with and allow them push through and expand beyond their unconsciously self-set obstacles and limits.


There is no one-size-fits-all solution for mental and physical health and no one can do the work for you. I want to give you the tools you need to understand, be empowered and take control over your progress towards a better, happier and healthier you.

Would you like to know what other clients have experienced? Read my google reviews....


Hope to see you soon ;)  





Session (50 min)                   85 Euro

Session (90 min)                  
117 Euro

Package deal
3 Sessions                           238 Euro

Package deal

5 Sessions                           238 Euro

Package deal Extended

5 Sessions                          499 Euro

Get in touch

+358 45 223 5661 (Send text message preferably) 


Tehtaankatu 25A 00150 Helsinki

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Feel safe
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